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Spring/Summer E-Liquid Care

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As we enter the spring and summer months every year we hear from customers that have spilled their e-liquid because the top popped off their bottle. It's unfortunate when it happens, but it is easily avoidable. During the colder months some people start leaving their e-liquid, mod, and even batteries inside their car because of the low ambient temperatures. This is not a good habit to form! 

Leaving your e-liquid in a hot car will cause the color of the e-liquid to change, and sometimes even the taste as the heat breaks the ingredients down and separates them. It also builds pressure inside the bottle, which will cause the top to pop off and make a mess! To avoid this problem Oasis Vape suggests storing your e-liquid, hardware, and accessories out of direct sunlight and avoid storing them in places with extreme low or high temperatures. This will ensure the best flavor and longevity of your e-liquid, as well as good safety practices for your battery powered devices.

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