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Steeping Your Juice

Feb 17th 2017

We know how much our awesome customers enjoy Oasis Vape juice but - did you know you can make your favorite flavors even better? Just like making an amazing meal, food preparation and quality ingredients are the key to amazing e-liquid. In our last blog post we showed you the quality of our ingredients, so lets talk about preparation for the best possible flavor.

What is steeping?

Essentially steeping is like a marinade. By letting the ingredients blend together over time it enhances the flavors. Yes, steeping does take patience but trust us, it is worth it. There are a few different ways to steep your juice. The easiest way to do it is to store your juice in a cabinet or a box where it can stay out of direct sunlight and extreme hot or cold temperatures for 2-3 weeks. Periodically you will want to shake the bottle. Easy enough, right?

Speed Steeping

If you don't have the patience or you only have one bottle of juice to vape there is a way to expedite the steeping process. This requires a little bit of work but you can have your juice thoroughly steeped in a few hours rather than a few weeks.

Here is what you need to do to speed steep your juice:

Take the cap/nipple off your bottle of juice so it is exposed to air. Get a small container (or cut the bottom off a plastic bottle like we did in the photo below) and fill it up with warm tap water to the neck of your bottle of juice. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Remove the bottle: You may notice that your juice has thinned and changed color. This is totally normal. Recap the bottle and give it a good shake. Just like the normal steeping process you should now put your bottle of juice in a cabinet or a box in order to keep it out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures for 2-3 hours. During this time your juice will cool and regain its thickness. Some people repeat this process a few times just to be thorough.

Final Note

Vaper's Tongue is a common occurrence with people that continuously vape one flavor. Over time it begins to lose its flavor and/or can develop a peppery-type of flavor. We generally recommend switching to a different flavor profile for about a week or two and then returning to your old flavor. This gives your old bottle of juice a chance to steep further while your taste buds take a break from that flavor. So, if you get vaper's tongue while vaping your favorite fruit blend try switching to a creamy desert flavor or something minty.