Order Verification

Q. Why am I being contacted to verify my order?

A. We at Oasis Vape are committed to our customer's online safety. You may be contacted by a member of our fraud prevention team to verify your order details. We do this to ensure that you are in fact placing the order and that is being shipped to an address that you have designated. Generally, we only reach out to customers that have never used a shipping address before or have placed an order under a guest account. If we cannot verify that an address has been used before, we are required to contact you to verify your order information before it can be processed.


Q. What happens if I do not verify my order?

A. We will attempt to contact you via email at least three separate times. If we are unable to contact you to verify your order details, your order will, unfortunately, have to be cancelled. 


Q. What if I did not receive an email from your fraud prevention team?

A. Upon placing your order, if verification is required, you will receive an email that indicates your order status as "Manual Verification Required." This email is automated and is a key indicator that you will be receiving an additional email from our team. You will receive the email within 24 hours of placing your order. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder.

Please note: If we are unable to verify your order, you will not be charged for that order.


Q. I've already been contacted to verify my address from a prior order. Why is my order still being flagged for "manual verification"?

A. Great question. Our system will automatically flag any order in which the billing and shipping information do not match. However, don't worry. If you've previously verified your information, we will notate your account and automatically push your future orders through. You won't need to verify your order information again unless you add new billing or shipping information.


Return/Refund Policies 

Q. What is your return policy?

A. For our return policy, please click here.


Q. What is your refund policy?

A. For our refund policy, please click here.



Q. How does Oasis Vape handle shipping?

A. For shipping information, please click here.


Q. Why don't you sell/ship to Indiana, Maine, Utah, South Dakota, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Arkansas?

A. Federal or State Laws prevent us from financially or legally being able to ship to these states. 

Order Status

Q. I placed an order during one of your sales but my order hasn't shipped. Where is my order?

A. All orders placed during a sale can take up to 3 business days to process before they are shipped due to the high volume of orders that we receive. Please be patient as we work diligently to process your orders. We do not process orders on the weekends.


Q. Why was my order declined?

A. If the information entered does not match the billing information associated with your method of payment, our system will decline your transaction. Please ensure your information is up to date with your bank to avoid this error. This system is in place to protect you, the customer. 


Q. My order was declined but it is still showing that I was charged. Why is this?

A. The charge you see on your account is a verification charge to ensure the funds are available to complete the order. If this occurs, you will not be charged. Typically, this verification charge is reversed in 1-2 business days depending on the processing speed of your bank. You are only charged for orders that are processed successfully, meaning that you receive a confirmation of your order once it has been placed. 


BlueCheck Age Verification 

Q. How long does the verification process take once the required documents are provided?

A. Immediate - the majority of verifications can be completed within 5 minutes.


Q. Can we, as the consumer, cross out any information on our ID that we do not want to provide such as the DL number?

A. Yes, all that we require is proof of the full license (to show it's not clipped), your picture, full name, DOB, and the license number.


Q. Who has access to the information and who verifies it?

A. BlueCheck verification employees are the only ones that have access to this information, Oasis Vape employees do not. The information is manually verified by a BlueCheck employee. Once it is verified by BlueCheck, we are provided with the time of verification and if the verification was successful. For more information concerning BlueCheck's privacy policy please see here.


Q. I have a question in regards to verification or am experiencing issues. Who do I contact?

A. You will need to contact BlueCheck directly for resolution of any issues associated with verification. You can reach them via email at help@bluecheck.me



Q. Do you have a General Certificate of conformity?

A. Yes, you can view our GCC see here.



Have additional questions? Please feel to contact us, via the Contact Us page.