Flash Sale FAQ


We are rolling out an exciting new idea for our online customers! Flash Sales! We will be offering spontaneous amazing deals at random. These deals will be limited in quantity and will be for one day only. Flash Sales will not be eligible for additional discounts, including coupon codes, rewards, or free shipping. The sale can be announced at anytime before the sale goes live. Details and quantities of the sale will be announced prior to the sale going live. Please keep a lookout for the countdown timer as well a website banner indicating that a flash sale will be going live soon!



Flash Sales will be generated at random. This means they can happen at any time and there is no set days or times for these sales. There is also no scheduled occurrence time, meaning we can offer flash sales once a week or once every 6 months. So please check our website often for details!


The sale will be live for 24 hours. It is first come first serve. One deal per customer. Once the deal is sold out, no extensions or additional quantities will be offered, no exceptions.


Flash Sale Deals will offer an amazing unbeatable deal each time. Be sure to take advantage of the deals as they happen! We may not offer it again! 


Flash Sale Deals are valid ONLINE only and will not be offered in-store.


Flash Sale Deals can only be purchased on the day of the sale and in limited quantity. Quantity and sale information will be announced before the sale goes live.


A countdown timer will appear prior to the sale as well as a banner indicating a flash sale is approaching. Once the sale goes live it will be available for 24 hours, or while supplies last.


All sales are final for Flash Sales. Refunds or replacements are not guaranteed. However, if your order is significantly not as described we may be able to provide store credit, in certain circumstances. You will need to contact customer support at help@oasisvape.com within 72 hours of receiving your order.


Flash sales that take place during the weekend: As our processing center is closed on weekends, flash sale deals will not be processed or shipped until the following week. Please allow 4-5 business days for processing time.


For more information on shipping and processing you can visit our shipping information page at www.oasisvape.com/shipping



Please do not contact customer service for details or extensions on the Flash Sales, no details or extensions will be provided. All details regarding the sale will be provided on our website.