Customers please note that our Oasis Vape Online Rewards Program and In-Store Square Rewards Program are two separate rewards systems and cannot be used interchangeably. This means that rewards earned for online purchases can only be used online. While rewards earned for in-store purchases can only be used in-store. No exceptions.



Oasis Vape Rewards is our online reward system designed to give back to our customers. Below are the main guidelines of our reward system. 

Disclaimer: We do not assume responsibility for the inaccurate or unintentional use of reward points or codes. Meaning, if you redeem points or use a code by mistake - we are unable to reverse or credit the reward code/points back to your account.

> You must have a store account, to be eligible, to receive points. To create an account, please click on "Create an account."

> You must be signed into your account, prior to checkout, in order to receive points for your purchase.

> 1 point is earned for every $1 spent, excluding taxes and shipping fees.

> Orders placed outside of an account are not eligible for reward points.

> Reward points can only be redeemed online. Limit one reward code per order. Codes cannot be combined.

> Once redeemed, points cannot be combined or added. For example: If points are redeemed for two separate $10 rewards, they cannot be combined as a $20 reward and/or used in the same transaction.

> For additional information, please click on the Oasis Vape Reward's banner at the bottom of your screen and navigate to the FAQ tab.


Coupon Codes


> Coupon codes cannot be combined.

> Limit one coupon code per transaction.

> Coupon codes and reward codes cannot be combined.  

> Coupon codes are valid online only.

> We offer military and veteran discounts. Proof of service is required for eligibility. 

> Abuse of limited coupons may result in the removal of your account and purchasing privileges from our site.